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Apple iWatch

iWatch With Retina Display

The Apple Watch will be made available in 1.5in (38mm) and 1.7in (42mm) screen sizes, with 272x340 and 319x390 resolutions, respectively. The smartwatch will feature a square display, unlike the round screen on the Moto 360, coated in a protective layer of sapphire crystal. 

Samsung Note 5

Smartphone Experience Redefined

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 , is just Samsung Galaxy Note 4 , with boosted specs ,some additional features and better compatibility . The best part about the Note 5 was the keyboard cover which is also an answer to the QWERTY devices which had an edge in the typing speed . Now with the keyboard cover...

Samsung Edge 6

Smartphone Experience Redefined

Besides the larger, 5.7-inch screen, almost everything about the S6 Edge Plus is familiar — the body's still made of glass and metal, the rear camera still protrudes rather annoyingly, and the power, home, and volume rocker haven't budged. But the big changes are internal — the S6 Edge Plus ups the amount of RAM to 4GB.

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